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Graduation Requirements

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In the state of Ohio, students are required to complete 20 credits. Of those 20 credits, five are electives. AchievePoint offers career-related elective credits that prepare students for post-secondary training. For a breakdown of elective credits offered, please contact your student success coordinator. For a breakdown on credits, please visit the following link from the Ohio Department of Education’s website:  ODE Credit Breakdown.

Students are required to complete End of Course (EOC) assessments dependent on their graduation cohort. Certain graduation cohorts provide multiple pathways that can be followed. All students who entered the 9th grade on or after July 1, 2019 must follow the graduation cohort 2023 pathway and must demonstrate competency for certain EOCs. For a breakdown on what competency means and options for those who entered school prior to July 1, 2019, please visit the following link from the Ohio Department of Education’s website: ODE Graduation Requirements.

Additionally, students have the option to complete an alternative pathway if they do not satisfy the competency requirements as defined above. AchievePoint offers two possible pathways: OSHA, FEMA, and CPR or Rise Up. Both pathways can prepare students for post-secondary training. To determine whether a pathway is necessary for you or your student, please contact Ms. Lauren Neri at 513.760.5716 or lauren.neri@graduationalliance.com


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