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Lauren Agee

Student Programs Coordinator


Lauren Agee has been working in the field of education for 11 years. She has both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Special Education. The majority of the work she has led has been in special education administration and compliance. She believes behind the scenes work is equally important in supporting students through their educational journey and preparing them for success post graduation. Lauren has worked at various districts in the Dayton and Cincinnati region prior to becoming part of the AchievePoint team in 2021. Currently, she serves as the Student Program Coordinator at AchievePoint which includes Special Education, obtaining records, and maintaining compliance. Lauren is a proud parent of a daughter in college and a son getting ready to start 7th grade. She loves spending time with family, any activities outside, and traveling when time allows.

Elton Garmon

Enrollment Advisor


Elton has been with AchievePoint since 2018 in the role of Enrollment Advisor. Elton’s favorite part of being a member of the AchievePoint family is working with our students and their families. Elton has over 15 years of working with inner city youth.

Prior to Achieve Point, as a native of Memphis, TN, Elton began his career working in Procurement. While working at one of Tennessee’s most prestigious medical institutions, he developed his love for the youth by acting as Site Director for Major League Baseball’s “RBI” program in Memphis. Elton enjoys spending time with his wife of 18 years and his two daughters, watching sports, camping, and fishing in his spare time.

Elton believes that every child deserves a fair shot at success through Education.

Anteia Greer

Assistant Director


Ms. Greer received her Bachelor’s degree in 2004 in Interpersonal Communications from the University of Southern Indiana.  Several years later she decided to go back to school to earn her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership. Prior to her coming to AchievePoint Career Academy she was the Executive Director for a nonprofit that provided services and resources to children with developmental disabilities. Ms. Greer has several years of working with at-risk youth in the Cincinnati community as well. In her position as the Assistant Director at Achievepoint, she wants to lead her team to assist the students in reaching their graduation goals. Her number one focus is to educate as many students as possible and give them a safe place to learn. Ms. Greer is an advocate for the students and instills in them life lessons that will prepare them for life after AchievePoint. While in this role, she aims to Empower, Inspire, and Encourage students to be their best selves no matter what the barrier is. In Ms. Greer’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her “furchild” Pepe, traveling, church, speaking, and trying new restaurants.

Andrew Hensley

ELA Teacher


Andrew Hensley has been with AchievePoint since 2020, but began his career in education as a sophomore in college while working for a summer enrichment program as an 8th grade science teacher. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in middle childhood education. Andrew is a passionate educator focused on student relationships, cultivating curiosity, and academic support.

Prior to working with AchievePoint, Andrew spent time working in retail and supermarkets throughout high school and college.

Andrew is an avid writer, video and board game fan, and animal lover. He currently resides in Cincinnati.

Erika Horsley



Erika Horsley has been in education for 18 years. With a BS in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Physics, she has spent many years helping students discover that math is actually their favorite subject! Or at least that they are more capable than they thought. Erika has taught in a variety of schools, in Chicago for 15 years, and now in Cincinnati. The thing she loves most about teaching is building relationships and community among students, and helping young people understand their great potential and how to best take care of themselves so they can thrive. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with family, being out in nature, and finding creative outlets of expression.

Jacquelyn Lienesch

Math Teacher and Intervention Specialist


Jackie studied special education at the University of Cincinnati. In college, she worked at a preschool, for IMPACT Innovation on UC’s campus, and as a direct service provider for a family who adopted 10 children with down syndrome and/or Autism from horrible orphanages in Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Jackie is currently the Math and Special Education teacher at AchievePoint. A typical day includes working on math foundation skills, tutoring in online courses, working on IEP goals, and her favorite part, mentoring our students.

Outside of school, she enjoys running and working out. Jackie spends a lot of time with her 100-pound dog Gracie, her family, and her friends.

Shannon Naser

Enrollment Assistant


Shannon Naser is an enrollment assistant at AchievePoint Career Academy. Shannon’s role is to assist our Enrollment Counselor by connecting with prospective families & students to guide them through the enrollment process. She has been with AchievePoint since 2020. Prior to that, she worked as a registrar for a career college. When not at work, Shannon enjoys spending time with her family, working outside in her yard, and throwing dance parties in her kitchen.

Lauren Neri

Education and Career Coordinator


Lauren Neri has been with AchievePoint since the beginning when the school opened in August of 2018. She received her degree in secondary education earlier that year from the University of Dayton. When she first began working here, she was on campus as the school’s English teacher. Lauren now works as the Education and Career Coordinator and the online English teacher. She works remotely and resides in the sunny state of Arizona where she enjoys running, baking, and exploring the West Coast!

Dr. Deborah O'Brien



Deborah O’Brien’s experience in administration has provided her with involvement in general education and specialization in serving special populations. Her role as Special Education Director and Consolidated Program Review Director has created an opportunity to develop a broad level of experience with increasing student achievement through the use of alternative programs.

Mrs. O’Brien, a licensed teacher and administrator, received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Central Washington University in June 1991 and taught in grades P-6 for eleven years. In August 1995 she completed a Master’s in Educational Administration at Eastern Washington University and has since been a school principal at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. She recently completed her Doctoral degree.

During a recent visit to Columbus, Mrs. O’Brien said: “I’m smitten with this town!”

Tamia Stanley

Student Success Coordinator


Tamia Stanley has 7 years experience helping students improve their academic performance by focusing on overall comprehension with specialized sessions in a variety of areas, leading up to her role as Student Success Coordinator (Academic Coach) for AchievePoint as of October 2022.

Tamia’s a Cincinnati native who enjoys reading, participating in Spoken Word, and physical fitness. She attended Wright State University, as a Social Work major and African American Studies minor.

Micah Stuckey

Student Success Coordinator


Micah Stuckey has dedicated several years to the education sector, contributing expertise and passion to shaping the learning experiences of students. With a commitment to fostering knowledge and growth, Micah’s impactful work in education reflects a dedication to empowering future generations.

Courtney Tenbosch

Vice President of Campus Operations


Courtney Tenbosch has more than 18 years of experience in educational leadership. She is passionate about serving at-risk students and has a knack for operations, compliance, and school performance. Prior to joining AchievePoint in 2018, Courtney worked for several career colleges, holding multiple roles. She has been a registrar, director of education, and campus director, leading high-performing schools ranging from 150 to 2,000 students.

Courtney resides in her native city, Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and son. She enjoys all things Cincinnati, beach vacations, shopping and spending time with her family. She earned her degree in English and journalism from the University of Cincinnati.

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