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About AchievePoint

The mission of AchievePoint Career Academies is to advance student lives by preparing them for today’s career opportunities.

AchievePoint Career Academies prepares students with the education, professional skills, and career training they need to begin a career in the communities where they live. The success of the school is tied directly to the success of its students both in the classroom and in the world of work.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • We see a high school diploma as a milestone, not a destination.
  • We believe that line of sight to a job or continuing on with education and training makes school meaningful.
  • We believe that preparation for today’s economic opportunities has the ability to transform individuals, families, and communities.

AchievePoint Career Academy Annual Report 2019-2020

  • 4.5
    Young adults not attending high school
  • 28
    Adults don't have a high school diploma
  • $15.4
    Cost to the nation for students not completing their diploma
  • $350
    How much more a high school graduate will earn over a lifetime compared to a non graduate

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